Seven scores with drama loving Aussies

March 29th, 2012

AV News

The addiction to Australian made reality TV shows is keeping the networks happily ticking over.

You can almost hear the sound of hands rubbing together in Channel Seven’s headquarters as this week’s ratings continue to go through the roof.

Since Seven’s promotional barrage for My Kitchen Rules during the Australian Tennis Open, to the finale Tuesday night, the show has relished a top ratings spot.

It appears Australians couldn’t get enough of the trans-Tasman battle and the South Australian cooking duet.

In fact, the last episode of the reality cooking show brought in up to 2.7 million viewers, which Seven says is a 37 per cent share. It makes the show a ratings winner for the year so far, according to Mumbrella.

Then last night’s gap left by My Kitchen Rules was swiftly filled by another Channel Seven show, an Australian reality show no less, Please Marry My Boy.

It topped the most watched list of non-news shows on TV, especially amongst the younger demographic, with over 1 million viewers for the finale last night.

In both cases the reality shows have outdone American programmes such as The Big Bang Theory, Two And A Half Men and NCIS. Australian shows that were beaten included The Biggest Loser and Bondi Vet.

The Ten Network will be looking to challenge this with other Australian made reality shows such as proven ratings winner MasterChef and perhaps in the future, The Shire, will be coming to a small screen near you.



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