How to clean a flat screen TV

January 31st, 2012

AV Talk

So you’ve just bought a brand new TV, perhaps it’s the biggest flat screen TV available today in Australia, Sharp’s massive 70-inch LED LCD Quattron, perhaps not, either way you want to keep the screen and image crystal clear. There’s no need to let a dirty screen ruin the quality of your TV.

Cleaning old-style box sets will usually only require a basic glass cleaner, a paper towel, and elbow grease. The new generation of Plasma and LCD screens however, need a more delicate clean, though the dirt, dust, and finger print build up is the same.

Household cleaners can be too corrosive and abrasive, while using paper towels may also scratch delicate screens.

What you’ll need to clean an LCD TV screen or a Plasma TV screen

  • A non-abrasive cloth such as a microfiber cloth.
  • A purpose screen cleaner. It should be alcohol free, ammonia free, benzene free and free of paint thinners.
  • Big Brown Box offers a screen cleaner set by Crest that includes both a cloth and purpose solution. You can also use it on your glasses, PC, and camera!

How to clean a flat screen TV

  • Start by turning off the TV. Let a plasma screen cool down so that if you use  a damp cloth you can dry it off before it evaporates first.
  • Gently wipe the screen down from side to side.
  • For stubborn smudges spray a small amount of purpose cleaner on the cloth – not directly on the TV – and then wipe the TV. Follow with a dry cloth.

Keep in mind…

  • The manufacturers instructions. Some Pioneer TVs don’t recommend any liquid be used in case it seeps into the screen.
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