How to turn your TV into a tablet with Project Ophelia

February 27th, 2013

AV Talk

Now there’s yet another reason to invest in a Smart TV – you may soon be able to turn one into an oversized Android tablet, just by plugging in a dongle.

A new gadget from computer manufacturer Dell is planned to essentially usurp the position of the tablet or laptop, allowing you to use almost any screen to take care of work or play.

Source: Dell

Project Ophelia, having previously appeared at CES 2013 and now currently being demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, is more than just a wireless dongle (after all, there’s plenty of those currently on the market) – it’s miniaturised computer with its own 1.6GHz dual-core ARM processor and 8 gigabytes of internal storage.

Plug this baby into a TV’s HDMI socket, and your TV is now essentially an Android tablet, complete with Wi-Fi connection to cloud storage of all your files and favourite content, including apps via Google Play.

As touch-screen TVs and motion controls aren’t the norm (yet), the Ophelia dongle includes two USB ports where a keyboard and mouse can be attached for simple access to its features and increased usability (we wonder – would something along the lines of the LG Magic Remote would work just as well?).

Taking advantage of cloud-based computing, an Ophelia dongle could be easily used when travelling on business – just plug it into the TV at whatever hotel you’re visiting and remotely connect to your work documents.  At home, you could use Ophelia to easily access entertainment apps and cloud-based games throughout your home, without the need for seperate devices or bulky hardware.


If you’re concerned about the risks of storing your important information on a thumb-sized gadget that’s easy to forget about and leave plugged into a hotel TV or dropped in the back of a taxi, you shouldn’t need to worry.  According to GCN, the Ophelia devices are designed to store your sensitive data on the digital Cloud, rather than locally on the device itself (we guess the 8 gigs of internal storage must be for software and apps, then?).  Thus, if an Ophelia is lost or stolen, ne’er do wells can’t get any of your details off the device itself, and you can remotely lock off access to your information if required.

The Ophelia looks like it’ll be relatively inexpensive as well, with the AFR estimating a price of approximately $100.

However, it’s not certain as to whether you’ll see it on the shelves under the name “Ophelia” – GCN reckons a more generic name such as “Cloud Key” may end up being used.  Understandable, as naming a gadget after a Shakespearean heroine who is driven mad by Hamlet and then drowns could be a bit tricky from a PR standpoint…

Source: Wikipedia

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