Humax revolutionises the PVR – with help from IceTV

December 9th, 2011

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Big Brown Box proudly welcomes to our range a specialist in the field of set-top box technology – Humax.  Their PVRs are veritable colts newly arrived in the BBB stable, offering functionality, convenience and best of all – IceTV

Currently Humax offers two models, a 500GB and a 1TB model – either way a fairly hefty slab of recordable memory. With twin tuners you can record up to two programmes while enjoying playback of a third – and with 1080p upscaling, it’ll look better than ever.

But where their PVRs really stood out for us was the experience of IceTV  – a 3 month trial of which is available with these models (minimal subscription fees apply thereafter).

IceTV enabled, your PVR will have access to amazing interactive features to help you manage your recordings. You can, for instance, remotely operate your TV recorder by using your computer or mobile.

Highly functional, IceTV  is also able to intelligently manage the recording of your favourite show over an extended season. Even if it disappears for 6 months, changes time-slot or switches channels, IceTV will tell your PVR when your show is on and when to start recording.

Our favourite, however, is the very nifty ‘ad-skip’ function. This entitles the viewer – enjoying the playback of their favourite show at a time convenient to them – to skip the ad-break at a touch of button on the remote, and be back in the action within 30 seconds. Bliss.

In terms of other great features, we should point out these PVRs include a built-in Ethernet port enabling you to transform your TV into a multimedia hub. Plug in a USB Wi-Fi Adaptor (available separately) to stream a wealth of online content through to your TV and share video, music and photos from your network devices.

It also boasts an application TV portal that gives users online services such as YouTube, Google Picasa and Wiki@ TV.

Humax were founded in 1989, and with an exclusive focus on set-top boxes have positioned themselves at the forefront of the industry, exporting their products to over 90 countries worldwide. They’ve ended up with some fairly enviable technological expertise – and here’s the result.

You can check out these PVRs and more great product at Big Brown Box.

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