MHL technology links up Toshiba TVs to the home

September 27th, 2011

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A new connection allowing HD mobile content to be shown on Toshiba TVs has been hailed as an “outstanding” enhancement to multimedia home entertainment.

A mobile High-Definition link (MHL) has been included in Toshiba’s Regza WL800A TV range for viewers to share video, music and picture content on the big screen.

The technology enables uncompressed 1080p HD video and 7.1 digital audio from a mobile phone and other portable electronics can be displayed using an HD digital TV, while also charging the device to ensure it is always ready to use.

Viewers can also use their TV remote to control their mobile device, which is connected via a thinner five wire cable.

Rob Wilkinson, general manager of the Information Systems Division at Toshiba Australia, said: “Toshiba’s WL800A range offers another outstanding technology, MHL.

“This technology allows viewers to share HD content on their TVs via direct cable connection from mobile devices, allowing them to choose their entertainment options.”

So far four phones (Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Infuse, HTC Sensation, HTCEVO 3D) and the HTC Flyer tablet have been developed with MHL technology.

Toshiba’s launch of the 46″ and 55″ WL800A TVs, along with the UN55D8000YF from Samsung, make them the only units to carry the connection.

The Toshiba Regza models are initially being rolled out in Australia. Alex Chervet, senior director of marketing at Silicon Image, Inc. who developed the incorporated SiI9381A dual-mode MHL said the products “complement the growing MHL product ecosystem of smartphones, tablets and adapters”.

He said: “We have seen significant momentum for MHL-enabled products and the launch of Toshiba’s MHL DTVs marks an important milestone for the broad market adoption of this advanced mobile connectivity solution.

“Toshiba is known for pioneering new technology and we are thrilled that they have selected our SiI9381A port processor to enable MHL connectivity in their new line of DTVs.”

The new Toshiba WL800A TV range also features some “stand-out” enhancements including Personal TV Auto Face Recognition, which works via an embedded camera identifying and recognising viewers in front of the screen, intelligent 3D systems, smooth and realistic display technology, and iPTV allowing people to share video files from computer connections.

Mr Wilkinson said: “It’s all about using technology to connect and share within the home.

“Personal TV Auto Face Recognition can store up to four different viewers’ settings and automatically deliver their personal pre-sets, including picture settings, volume preference and channel lists to each viewer.

“The new feature-rich TV models are designed for people looking for the highest quality viewing experience in the home.”

Toshiba’s latest range of LED/LCD Regza TVs featuring MHL are available from Big Brown Box.

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