Samsung scores against Apple in patent fight, ramps up advertising

January 25th, 2012

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Apple has lost an appeal against rival Samsung to block the sale of Samsung Galaxy tablets in the Netherlands, roughly six weeks after an Australian court also rejected Apple’s patent protests. German courts are yet to rule on whether the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes on the design of the iPad.

Since getting the green light locally, Galaxy Tab advertising has gone gangbusters, notably during the Australian Open on Channel 7.

And it seems winning legal battles is not enough for Samsung, as it continues to release a string of commercials mocking Apple products and fans. While so far the advert (which smack of the tactics used in political smear campaigns), have not been targeted down under, Australians are no strangers to the Apple fan phenomenon. Last year, one Alex Lee was a fan among dozens who waited for 50 hours outside Apple’s George Street store in Sydney for the iPad2.

Another cheeky Samsung smartphone ad, only being aired on TV in South Korea, has starred the same young girl Apple used in a previous iPhone commercial, reported the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this month.

Here is Samsung’s latest Apple fan-attacking advert:

Using an Android operating system, Droid phone campaigns have also had a good whack at what they consider Apple phones lack:



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