Sharp shows off the bigger picture at the CES in Las Vegas

January 23rd, 2012

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Big screen is the big message coming out of Sharp in 2012.

With more than 20 large screen, 60-inch plus TVs being unveiled at the CES, in Las Vegas, the company is aiming to maintain its position as a leader in the large screen market as it enters its 100th year.

The models in the new line of AQUOS LED TVs feature picture quality enhancements, advanced smart connectivity and new designs.

Under the tagline “See the bigger picture”, the line-up has been hailed for its display, accessibility and energy-efficiency. The range also includes an 80 inch class, as well as a 70 inch LED TV, which provides 62 per cent more screen area than a 55-inch TV.

“I think when people hear that they’re very surprised and they start to realise ‘Hey, when I want a large TV, I really need to be stepping up to sizes larger than 55 inch’,” said Tony Favia, senior product manager for Sharp LED Corporation.

Speaking to Big Brown Box at the CES, he said the new series will cater for all markets from entry level large TVs to top performing smart TV units.

He said much of the success could be attributed to the company’s new panel factory in Japan, and added: “That efficiency at producing panels has translated into incredible retail success.

“In 2012 we’re going to translate that success into many more levels of product in the 60 inch or larger category.”

And Mr Favia said demand for large screens above 55-inches was the only area showing growth, with other sizes flat or declining in demand.

“We feel we are very well positioned to take advantage of that growth and continue to drive it into even more success in 2012,” he said.

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  • Ucdailoi

    Love the big screens, we just need something we could enjoy watching instead of reruns of the Gilligan or the other 5 dozen pathetic shows the stations keep recycling… I have to wade through inaccurate TV guides to find something worthwhile. No wonder piracy is rife…. 

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