Weird – yet practical – household gadgets

December 2nd, 2011

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Big Brown Box is delighted with the recent news that a microwave has been developed that plays music. Argentinian company BGH have realised the beeping noise that signifies the end of the cooking period is passe – so they’ve integrated a USB port into the microwave so you can download your fave song to play when your Lean Cuisine is nuked to perfection. 

It got us thinking about appliances that come out of left-field. And yet still make a whole lotta practical sense.

There a few candidates. What about a fridge with a built-in LCD TV? We also quite like the radio toaster developed by Hammacher Schlemmer.

We can go weirder though.

Take for instance, the iBasket – which has come out of the Tongji University in China. Not only does it wash and dry your dirty laundry, it’ll also send you an email telling you to fold and put away your clothes. Bit of a nag, but very practical.

We also quite liked the hybrid toilet and washer. Not actually as gross as it sounds, the so-called ‘Washup’ (pictured), is actually a very eco-friendly and sustainable appliance – not to mention space-saving. Basically it reuses the water that washed your clothes to flush the toilet. Absolute genius.

Meanwhile, our social conscience responded warmly to the Tea Maker & Life Line. Made in Japan, the mecca of weirdly practical appliances, this gadget will give peace of mind to those who have elderly, and tea-drinking, relatives. When the tea-maker is being used, an email or SMS alert will be sent to their nearest and dearest letting them know (or reminding them) that the owner is still alive and kicking.

However, in terms of comfort, we couldn’t go past the Chair USB Powered Ass Cooler (pictured). This novel device goes onto your chair, over the cushion, and delivers “cool” air to your hind quarters via an onboard fan – the on/off switch is on the cable, which plugs into your USB port. Undoubtedly a designer appliance, not only will it keep you chilled out at work, but also the envy of your office peer group.

Finally, maybe you’d love an Atech ‘iLounge hybrid toilet paper dispenser/iPod dock – it supports all iPod models and has an integrated USB slot for the Shuffle. Navigation is easily accessed on top, while speakers are hidden rather funkily in the dispenser arms.

The pity of course is that these – outwardly strange yet oh-so-practical – products aren’t more readily available locally. Still you’ll find an excellent range of cutting-edge product at Big Brown Box.

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