Which type of TV is most energy efficient?

October 12th, 2011

AV Talk Featured LED, LCD and Plasma TVs

By Renjith KrishnanSize is no longer everything when it comes to buying the latest HDTV for your home. Quality and performance are now equally as important and impressive.

With an increased focus on money saving and energy efficiency in TVs, making a decision about which screen has the best green credentials is becoming more relevant.

Energy saving is not just about the impact on the environment, but also the effect it has on household bills and electricity usage around the home. Buying an energy efficient unit reduces household energy consumption, which in turn reduces bills and cuts greenhouse emissions.

The three main types of TV on the market, plasma, traditional CCFL-backlit LCD, and LED-backlit LCD, are all making efforts to satisfy the demand for picture quality, size affordability and power saving.

And with larger screens coming into homes across Australia, televisions are an increasingly significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Figures showing one in four Australians buys a new television each year mean performance standards are more important than ever when it comes to determining a purchase.

The Energy Star Six Star Energy Efficiency rating system determines how efficient a product is. The more stars, the more energy efficient. The most efficient on the market at the moment are generally rated at around three of four stars.

The Australian Government Energy Rating Initiative for televisions means suppliers must register their products to guarantee they comply with official regulations.

Some companies and comparison sites have developed their own energy efficient systems based on the amount of power used on screen, but often the government star rating is also featured.

What also needs to be considered is energy usage over the efficiency rating. Clearly a smaller screen LCD TV will consume less energy than a larger LCD screen, even if they share the same energy efficiency rating.

So which TV is most energy efficient?

Well the gap between the three main types of screens is becoming closer. CRTs are no longer considered viable or attractive additions to home entertainment hubs.

Experts claim LED HDTVs consume around 100 watts or less, while plasma HDTVs can use up to three times as much.

It means plasmas are lagging behind the rivals in terms of energy efficiency. They produce more heat and can increase power bills by up to a third.

In a bid to address the differences, companies are making specific efforts across all models to ensure they are performing at an optimum level.

Plasmas from Samsung for example now feature installed sensors designed to reduce power consumption by altering the brightness level of the image, and filters act to reduce reflections.

But as it stands, LED is pretty much unmatched in terms of energy efficiency. They are also recognised for delivering better picture quality.

That said, always bear in mind which size TV suits your needs. Just because a large LED maybe energy efficient, it’s still going to churn up a lot of energy.

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