Audiences tune into internet content as online appears on TV

September 21st, 2011

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www.freedigitalphotos.netAs the internet continues to grow exponentially in terms of content and services, it seems audience engagement with the seemingly limitless World Wide Web is expanding at an increasing rate.

A recent survey has revealed more people are choosing the internet as their preferred source of content over television.

The independent consumer survey by Canstar Blue identified one in five Australian respondents are logging onto computers rather than switching on their TV sets. It found men are almost twice as likely (at 22%) to watch more content online than females (at 12%).

Canstar Blue Manager Rebecca Logan said: “The survey shows that although most people prefer traditional television, a significant portion of Australian respondents are relying on the internet to view content rather than relaxing in front of the TV.

“Consumer behaviour in this area continues to shift as more people choose to watch content online in addition to traditional television.

“This is due to the convenience of being able to view content anywhere you can access an internet connection, the ability to watch programs you’ve missed at a convenient time and the occasional preference to watch content alone.”

In addition to the findings of the research, the relationship between internet engagement and TV viewing is becoming closer within households.

The emergence of internet accessible TV units has opened up the world of on demand video and music, and brought previously primarily PC content beaming through the big screen. Web browsing is now available via remote controls, as is YouTube and the leading social networking sites.

Sony’s range of Internet Protocol television (IPTV) models offer consumers smarter, sophisticated and more social entertainment. The changing dynamic was summed up by Toby Barbour, general manager, consumer marketing at Sony Australia, when he said: “What has been referred to in the past as an ‘idiot box’ has now become the smartest device in the house.”

Samsung’s SmartTV allows access to social TV, multimedia content and online chat facilities, to provide complete browsing freedom.

Panasonic introduced the VIErA Connect and Easy IPTV features, as well as DLNA networking across all new models, to give “more access to family, friends and online content than ever before”. It means audiences can now watch and listen to internet content usually confined to computers.

TCL and Toshiba also offer internet options in their TVs which enable people to stay up to date with the latest series, shows and clips while remaining in touch with friends via the social networks.

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