Interactive TCL TV technology wows at the CES in Las Vegas

January 23rd, 2012

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TCL has taken affordable TV technology to a new level with its recently unveiled 2012 products.

The Chinese based company showed off a series of interactive and progressive TVs at the CES, in Las Vegas, which will be available on the Australian market later this year.

One stand-out feature of their latest range was the touch screen TV, which comes with a full array of features, literally at your fingertips.

Paul Widdis, General Manager of TCL Australia, told Big Brown Box: “When I was young, I was told never to touch the TV screen.

“Well now in 2012, later this year you’ll, be able to touch the screen to do apps, games, TV choices and YouTube choices.”

TCL, which was the first Chinese company to sell 10 million LCD TVs in the market last year, also launched the duel layer TV that allows viewers to watch two different programmes at the same time on the same screen. Split polarized glasses allow people to watch two overlaid images whether they are TV channels or conflicting angles from the same computer game.

On the design front, TCL was showcasing the 10mm bezel screens, which provide a sleek appearance to the home entertainment centre.

Mr Widdis said: “They’re very exciting and getting great feedback from everyone at the show this year.”

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