Toshiba takes TV technology to a wider market

January 24th, 2012

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The latest range of Toshiba TVs is set to make technology fashions available to almost any audience.

With a focus on LED for their main line of products, the Japanese brand has worked on three areas of improvement in 2012 – sound, picture quality and design.

The result, according to Ali Atash, group manager for Toshiba product marketing, is a range of TVs that is high in performance but price accessible to a wide market.

Speaking to Big Brown Box at the CES, in Las Vegas, Mr Atash said: “We have a series of products that we’re really offering to the consumer and what it’s doing is covering across the broad-line to hit each of the consumers so we have a product for every consumer that’s out there.”

Toshiba’s Smart TV products were also on display at the show, which Mr Atash claims take screens, and the whole viewing experience, to another step.

“Smart TV is that full connectivity from Toshiba that allows you to connect to the tablets, PCs and the TV at the same time,” he said.

“We offer a lot to the consumers. We have 3D capability and full functional TVs out on the market place from Toshiba.”

Watch Big Brown Box’s full interview with Ali Atash below:

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