YouTube app brings ‘compelling content’ to internet TV

September 13th, 2011

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A new application from an Australian owned internet TV provider will bring “compelling content” to home audiences, according to company bosses.

FetchTV customers are now be able to access YouTube on their TVs through their subscription service.

Users will have easy access to thousands of popular channels, new content and personalised playlists on the website, and can enjoy the clips in up to 720p HD video quality.

FetchTV, which is partnered with internet services providers iiNet, Internode, Adam Internet, Westnet and Optus, is the first IPTV platform in Australia, and one of the first in the world, to offer the YouTube experience for the TV.

Scott Lorson, CEO of FetchTV said: “YouTube offers some of the most compelling content in the world with an increasing proportion available in high definition.

“We’re bringing a whole new YouTube experience to the TV. The only thing better than the YouTube on your PC, is the YouTube experience enjoyed on your big screen.”

YouTube forms part of the internet TV company’s growing list of applications that include Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, Weather and Mathletics.

Customers can use the TV remote to explore and select videos to simulate watching normal TV. The SD and HD quality, which comes with no downloading delays, is available for existing and new subscribers.

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